A historical legacy

Our story started with the figure of Juan Luis Ruiz García, an Andalusian entrepreneur who moved to Menorca and started to learn this profession with a local carpenter. Soon, together with his brother and two other workers, they became independent, creating a modest structure.

In 1970, he and his brother founded the organization Hermanos Ruiz García. This is where the expansion and growth of the company began. In 1985, Juan Luis bought the whole business and the company, which he called Fusteria Ruiz, began a new phase of modernization and development. He acquired a warehouse in the Alaior Industrial Estate where, with new installations, machinery, reorganization of production and an increase in the staff, the company achieved a greater production capacity and specialization in the product.

Today, almost 40 years later, Juan Luis' legacy and his values are still intact. We are a family company committed to combining tradition and innovation in our work, and we are constantly evolving to offer our customers the highest levels of quality, excellence and service.

Personalized support

The professionalism and proximity of our team provides an outstanding design and execution of work, from the start and the raw material to the finishing of the product on site, always taking care of the client and all the details.

In addition, we have facilities of 2.000 m2 between workshop, warehouse, offices and showroom, where you can find a wide variety of products, models and exhibition sets to choose the one that suits you the best.